Monday, January 25, 2010

Watch it!!

I love winter. Anyone who knows me, knows that I really enjoy the changing seasons. This being said...I also like to dress up and wear heels. I learned my lesson this weekend though. I was going to my best friend's house for dinner and on my way had to stop to get cilantro and bean sprouts for the delicious lettuce wraps we were to partake in. The grocery store I went to was not one I was familiar with and so I spent a good deal of time in the "lettuce/herb/grass" section of the produce section. I was chatting with my sister on the cell while going between the two different sections I thought I might be able to find the cilantro in. As I was heading back to check section number 1 for the 15th time...I slipped on some water that was inconveniently placed on the floor. Now this might not have been such a big deal, but I was wearing a dress and knee high wedge heel boots. Yes I know, very stylish. As I fell to the floor, I threw my phone about 3 feet across the produce dept. I was slightly embarrassed (ok completely) but regained my composure and started to pull myself up. As I did this, I slipped on the same puddle of water and fell again. As this happened, I somehow found a way to slightly roll into a guy who was shopping for tomatoes. He looked up and asked "um...are you ok?" I, of course, made no eye contact and said "yeah, I'm fine." I got up, walked over to get my phone and explained to my sister what had just happened. She of course was very supportive and made sure I was ok before laughing so hysterically, that I had to turn the volume down on my phone. I told this story to my coworkers and they reminded me that they truelly believe that my life is a sitcom. I decided that I would not show them the softball sized bruises on both of my knees.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti, the country that I know...the country that I love.

Ok, this is my attempt to help in ANY way that I can. I know you have all heard a lot about what happened in Haiti and what is happening. I am going to share from a personal side of things. I have been to Haiti twice. Both times were trips that I took in High school and both times, Haiti changed my life.
I have traveled quite a bit in my life, this country is BY FAR my favorite one. I have plans to go back someday when I can actually impact the country in a way that is needed. Both trips to Haiti were for medical and evangelical purposes. A team of students and adults went to conduct medical clinics in small towns around the country. The first trip we traveled 7 hours up a mountain and the second trip we went on a boat to a small island off the coast. In our medical clinics we took vitals, spoke with patients about their ailments, prayed for them and made sure that they got their worm pill. It was the the best we could do. We brought along glasses and did vision tests with some patients who claimed they had trouble seeing. It was a pretty basic operation, with pepto bismal and Tylenol being our major drug therapies.
That being said. These clinics changed my life. The people of Haiti are an amazing people. We would open the clinic in the morning, to stories of people that had walked for days and days to come see us. They had traveled mountain roads with only the sandals they had on their feet. Some were really sick. There were people of all ages and I will never forget the beautiful baby girl...who peed all over my dress! These people are fighters. They are thankful for small things. They are thankful for things that I expect, things I have never known a day without.

On one of the trips, we brought supplies to a town to help build a church. We (the Americans) were really excited to help get the process started and thought we really had something to offer. The Haitians were the fastest, hardest working people I had ever seen. They had a legitimate shelter built within 2 days. We mostly were just in the way.

We always brought our own food on these trips and had to eat our meals with the doors to our compound closed as there were quite a few children who would beg for food. One of the guys with our team gave in one day and gave a little boy his small cup of chili beans. Two days later, as were were walking around the community visiting with families, we found that little boy, hovered over a fire, heating those beans to feed his family. This is heartbreaking. This is something, most people I know, have never known or could even imagine.

We know Haiti is poor, we know they are struggling and some of us want to help. I am going to find a way to help as best as I can with this situation and just wanted to do my part to inform people of organizations I know about that are down there. Feed my starving children ( ) is an organization that brings food to Haiti, year round. I know they are already down there bringing food and can always use help either financially or by the giving of your time to help with packing events. Also, the American Red cross ( is always a safe bet to donate to and if you text "haiti" to 90999, they will donate $10 and charge it to your phone bill (if you haven't heard).
Thank you for reading this. I love the people of Haiti and am praying for them daily. It is a country that has endured a lot but the people are AMAZING. Please enjoy the pictures as they are constant reminders to me of the land that I love!

Monday, January 4, 2010

And so, it continues.

I've started and restarted this post so many times I was pretty sure I would never get my feelings down. The holiday season is over and it was such an amazing and challenging time that I am somewhat at a loss for words. God is good...this I know. You may find it annoying that I constantly post this, but through EVERYTHING that I have experienced in my life, this has been one constant.
As a brief (yeah right) update on the happenings of December 09 through today I will post a few bullets of some of the most important things.

-Birthdays- Elise turned 5 and my dad and sister turned __ and __ in December. December is always a month FILLED with family time. I truly enjoyed it this year. Watching everyone (adults too) grow older brings a lot of joy into my life.
-Holidays- Christmas was with family and a great time. New Years was with some of my dearest friends and also..a great time. I love this time of year and was SO thankful for the large amount of snow that was provided right on Christmas. I am a true Minnesotan.
-Visits- Conni was in town and it was strangely odd for me to see one of my close friends...pregnant. I have adjusted pretty well to the changes that have taken place in all of our lives but I do believe this was one of the weirdest for me. I enjoyed SO much celebrating with her at her shower and also spending time watching her and Bryce as they prepare for this next change in their relationship. I am so excited to see what is in store. I got to have coffee with Steph and enjoyed catching up on her life. Seems like UMASS is treating her well and I can't wait to see what is in store. I may need to borrow some of her assertiveness soon as I plan on continuing my education. I am looking forward to a few dates I have set up in the next few weeks to catch up with old friends. I am SO a relationship person and LOVE catching up with people.
-Hardships- Christmas day was definitely a challenging one for me. This year was strange, with my nieces being with their other family, me deciding to work this year (in order to prevent getting drafted for next year), my brother having an incident with the snowblower, and a few other challenges that are a part of life as we know it. I am really striving for Joy in life right now. I know I wrote a bit about this on Thanksgiving but I just want to reiterate. There will always be challenges but through them, I do believe...there is a plan. My best friend lost her grandfather somewhat unexpectedly this year and although my heart breaks for her...I am SO thankful that she was able to spend time with him, somewhat near to his passing. I know in comparison to others, my life may seem like a piece of cake...and to be completely honest..I am SO thankful for what it has been. I do believe it is ok to tell God things are hard...but then it is important to move on to what is next in store while remembering what that trial has taught you. I also believe that in the midst of trials...He is still near and willing to hold you through the pain.
Blessings-My accountability partner got married on Janurary 2nd. It was one of the most amazing days of my life. To see Greta come from the past that she has, to see where God has brought her and to see the way He answered her prayers in a way that was above and beyond her dreams was SO amazing. I am so thankful for these moments. What a blessing to be a part of their story and to know that my own...whatever it may be, is in the works. God is working in me as well. I love the start of something new. Some people mock New Year's resolutions because they see them as rules that no one sticks too...SO WHAT! I find it important to set goals in life, and although I may fail...I will falter and I may not accomplish them, I see it as a source of hope. So, for me, this time of year is SO full of possibilities and hope. I may need to remind myself of that in May or September but I still think that is ok. The process is sometimes the most exciting part. So here's to a new year, here's to renewed hope, and here's most definitely to the increasing of my faith and desire to fulfill the most important purpose for my go where HE wants me to go, love as He wants me to love and trust as He asks me to trust.