Sunday, December 28, 2008

And continues!

Well there they are. The three most precious people in my life. Elise on the far left is 4 now and she honestly is so special. The day she was born I knew that she was going to keep us in stitches and that she would bring a smile to many people's faces. For Christmas she got a plastic 3 foot tall pony from my parents and her reaction was priceless. I love her to pieces.

Elijah is 9 months old tomorrow. Upon arriving on Santa's lap he automatically reached up and pulled on his beard to check and see if it was real. He is an incredibly happy baby, who also happens to be the cutest little boy I have ever seen (I am not biased!). I can't wait to see his personality develop. Although it is evident he likes music. His favorite song of the moment is Jason Mraz's -I'm yours. As soon as he hears the words he starts grooving!

Isabelle is 6 and she will always hold a special place in my heart. Being the first grandchild in a family makes it that way automatically. I bonded with her more than I have gotten to with the others because I got to watch her half days a couple of days a week for the first 9 months of her life. She is the "big sister" to all.
Christmas was good, not great as I feel this season went by WAY too fast. I never got to drive around looking at lights, or enjoy making Christmas candy with my family. With this new job and the weather being what it has been I feel like life has been a little hectic. I'm sorry to those of you who have been trying to call and hang out. I am going to do better:)
Life is full of transitions right now. I am watching more and more friends get engaged, have babies, start new exciting jobs, move to new homes....whatever. This time of year is always a little hard with that. Trusting God is something I have to remind myself of daily. I know that he has a million plans for me and I really do believe they are greater than I can imagine. I know I need to be ready, willing and able to go and do as he plans when the call comes. That doesn't always make the waiting easier. I also know I can't just sit at home, in the corner and expect change to happen. I also know that I have A LOT to be thankful for right now. And I am...thankful.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well, I watched this movie for the first time ever last night. I was pretty impressed. I love Christmas movies. My parents started the tradition a long time ago. We watched a Christmas movie every year on Christmas Eve. Now as I've gotten older I have become quite attached to watching as many Christmas movies as I can each holiday season. The list of favorites includes: Elf, Love Actually, Little Women, The Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street, The Family Stone, Prancer, The Holiday, and of course my personal favorite A Christmas Story! There are so many memories attached to times watching those movies and just spending time with my family. I love this time of year.

The first week at my new job went pretty well. I say that now that the week has passed. I was late my first two days and had pretty much a 2 hour commute to work every day with at least an hour and a half on the way home. I can't wait until this summer when I will be moving much much closer!!! I decided to write personalized notes to the old co-workers so not to bore anyone (if there is anyone) who reads this with information about people they don't know.

I got the Casting Crowns Christmas CD yesterday and might I just say it is probably one of the best overall Christmas Cds I have ever heard! I can't believe Christmas is almost here. I have SO much to do to get ready as we will be hosting in my apartment. I think we are going to be having about 13 people or so! Also, I get to puppy sit for my brother's friends. I will be having a 3 month old Boxer puppy over Christmas. I can't wait! Hopefully he will wear Jada out! Merry Christmas to you! May you truly experience the joy that this time of year is meant to bring! Blessings.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Free Dog!!

Looking for a cute puppy for Christmas? Worried about the potty training? Looking for a breed that will be good with kids? Well I may have the answer for you. I have a 2 year old Puggle that needs a new home. She's potty trained, GREAT with kids and is pretty much the cutest dog ever seen (as evidanced by the picture at left.
In all honesty, Jada is not up for least not today:) Sometimes though I question when she will ever grow out of her puppy stage. I remember when I first went to the pet store, before Jada arrived from Oklahoma. I told some people there that I was getting a puppy, and when they asked "what kind?", I excitedly replied "A PUGGLE!!!" (for those of you who don't know, a puggle is a cross between a pug and a beagle...there is absolutely no poodle involved). The responses usually were something to the sort of "good luck" or "best wishes". I thought people were just being nice. That was, until Jada arrived.
As stated above, she is adorable. She is SO great with kids which is a nice break from the Cocker Spaniels we had growing up. The problem is...she is hyper. Imagine if you will, a 5 year old, Halloween night at about 9pm...hyped up on sugar. This is Jada on your average day. Since getting her she has, broken 2 retractable leashes and a heavy duty re enforced metal chain. She has actually jumped out of a moving vehicle while driving down a very busy highway. She has gotten loose(see broken leash example above) on 2 softball fields (while games are being played) and in one case it took 3 full teams to catch her. She has chewed up at least 10 pairs of shoes, lost numerous mittens and as of this week my dad's prescription bifocals (why a 48 year old wears bifocals is beyond me).
The thing is, as I am sure at this point most of you are asking why I still have this dog, I love her. There is nothing like coming home after a busy day and having her greet me at the door. She has been waiting for that moment all day. She gets up with me every morning and waits ever so patiently for me to leave for work, so she can go back to bed. She sits on my lap and lets me know that there is no other person in the world that she loves as much as me. Now, I will say it. I am a dog person. I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember and my life feels somewhat incomplete without one in my life. This dog though, has been the absolute best...and hardest pet I have ever had.
Friday was my last day at Riverside. Saying goodbye to my coworkers was harder than I anticipated. There were some tears and one of my friends, who I expected to be the last to cry... had to be consoled in the hall. I know there will be things I miss. Saying goodbye is so not easy for me. I am excited to start my new job on Monday and know I will create new relationships there, I will just miss all of our inside jokes. I will miss so many things. And tomorrow I think I shall write a blog about a few of them. For now, it is off to bed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's been awhile...

This picture is for Conni Jean! I know how much you miss the snow sometimes, and to be honest I completely understand why. Even after my evening commute took me 2.5 hours on Monday night. I LOVE SNOW! I think if I am ever to move away, I will have to visit home during the winter, just to enjoy the beauty and fun of snow.
So, it is finally here. My last week at Riverside and I couldn't be more ready. I will miss my co-workers and some of my customers. Saying goodbye is never easy for anyone but I feel that I tend to become attached to a lot of people and saying goodbye is about as hard for me to do as giving up baseball would be (please note the word about in this sentence).
Things spiritually have been a little hard lately. As many of you know, I have been attending a small church for the last 2 years now. My brother and Anna got me started, as they lead the worship and were looking for help. I have SO enjoyed worshiping with them and watching the church as more and more people are coming. The church truly has a special purpose. My trouble has been, that I am not connecting. The people are very nice and I do enjoy seeing them weekly, but I have not found any relationships that I really "click" in. This is hard for me because clicking with people has never been a problem for me. I tend to get along with pretty much everyone and find lasting friendships wherever I go. It is just hard to not fit in and I am not sure how to make that happen...believe me, I've tried. So, with all of that being said...I am pretty sure that within the next few months I will be trying to find a new church. I have been praying about it and will continue to do so but this is where I am at right now.
I have to go now as Jada is literally attacking me and driving me CRAZY. She is over 2 now and still acts like such a puppy....and to think, I am thinking of getting another one! HAHA, we'll see. God bless your day!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, for some reason my computer won't let me download a picture right this will be- A blog without pictures...written by:Abbie Allen. Sorry it may be a little boring but I'll try to be colorful with my descriptions.
Yesterday we went to the Macy's 8th floor display downtown. Now after careful calculating it was decided that this was our 22rd year coming down to the display. We only have skipped one year since moving to MN. We go early on in the Christmas season now (some would even argue that it is before the Christmas season has begun), so we beat the crowds. It was fun going and watching Isabelle and Elise enjoy it as much as I remember enjoying it in years past.
There have been quite a few challenges and distractions lately that have been trying to harbor my desire to serve God wholeheartedly and to make a difference. I am weathering through and learning a lot about myself and my family. Some good things...some really challenging things. There have been a few points during these last few weeks that I have contemplated moving to Texas and giving up on trying....but that would be how Abbie pre-25 would have handled things! I think I'll try sticking it out and see what happens.
So on that note I thought it would be good today to remind myself of some more of the blessings that God has provided me recently. Here goes:
* Gas that costs $1.70 per gallon.....It only cost me $28 to fill up a tank that was pushing $60 earlier this summer
* A dad that helps me change both headlights and a fog light as they were all three burned out while I cruised around town.
* My car being invisible so the cops didn't pull me over when I was driving w/o 2 headlights and a fog light
* Friends from work who let me know that they will miss me and that I am important in their lives
* Best friends that ponder all of the single guys they know...trying to find one "worthy" of me (their words not mine) to set me up with. Now, understand that I am not looking to be set up...but if they think they know someone, I will not stand in their way:)
* Friends that let me come over in the winter to try and whip my butt into shape on their elliptical machine
* People who listen to me and share in my sadness,joy,anger,happiness and excitement...all during the course of the same day!
* People who share their sadness,joy,anger,happiness and excitement with me!
* The knowledge that come Feb. 1st I will be cruising along the Caribbean and not worrying about any of it for 5 days!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Next steps

Well, here it is. These last few months have been a little stressful. Work became unbearable for awhile. I started applying a few months ago just because there was an offer I couldn't pass up at the company my sister worked for. After a month long interviewing process they told me I was their candidate of choice....but they couldn't hire me because of budget cuts. Needless to say, I bawled a lot about this one and decided that it was time to look elsewhere. It is a hard thing to adjust to when you picture yourself somewhere and can feel yourself there and then to have it taken away before you really got to touch it.
After applying to quite a few places I received an offer to work down in Shakopee at St Francis. It was a little bit more money, a few less hours and quite a bit less of a workload. It would have been in-patient which would have been fun and I was pretty sure I was going to take it.....until the U called.
I worked over at the U for a month when I was floating last year for Fairview. It was a blast. Actually it was a lot like Riverside, with more co-workers and a different type of customer base. When I went into my interview I was pretty sure I was going to tell them that I didn't want to work there.....until I saw some of the people that I knew from new co-workers...and remembered how much fun everyone is. I turned down the job at St Francis and am SO thankful that I did. I do feel like this is where God wants me right now and I am SO excited to see what it carries with it. My start date is December 15th. I'm sure there will be numerous posts acknowledging some of the things I see there (complying with HIPPA of course!) and I am sure there will be some hard times but I am also feeling at peace with the decision and excited for this next step.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Here we go...

Well, first of all I just had to show you the cutest puppy EVER!!! This is Elijah my 7mth old nephew on Halloween. Now some have guessed that he is George Washington and although I can see family has never been big supporters of the Whig party.
Things have been going pretty well. As some of you know I have been searching for a new job recently. That search has been a little more exciting than I was hoping for but I think it finally came to an end. After 3 job offers, one of which was retracted due to budget cuts...I have finally decided on the best option...I hope. Now, I just have to march myself into work today and get up the nerve to tell my boss that I am leaving....UH-OH! As most of you know, I am not good at these types of situations. Actually it has come to my attention that my boss already knows that I am leaving because my new manager told him before I did. Oops! I know, that is not the way I would have preferred for it to happen but it happened that way and now I must deal with it. I am just trying not to cry today. That is my goal. We'll see. Wish me luck! At least at the end of this somewhat stressful day...I get to go to Pad Thai and see AMOS LEE!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let the journey...continue.

Here is a picture I took last week outside in the backyard....I LOVE FALL! I went out there to take a picture and heard a noise. I looked over and there was a young deer buck running right through my neighbor's yard. It was amazing just to watch him walk down to the pond...I LOVE NATURE!

The trip to Idaho went splendidly. I got to see my dad's family and go trick or treating with my 12 year old cousin and Elijah (my 7 month old nephew). Boise really is a nice city. Saturday morning we headed down to Buhl the city where we buried my grandma and had her funeral (not in that order). There were a lot of family members there who I had heard about but never seen. It was just fun to go back to my homeland and see a lot of history, to hear stories of my parent's first date and to see where I was born. My brother and I sang at the service and although I would never compare myself to a 70's melodic rocker....we did a pretty good job if I may say so myself ( and I will say so...because this is my blog and I do what I want). The rest of the time was spent back in Boise chatting with Grammy (my dad's mom) and aunts,uncles and cousins. I must say we played a pretty wild game of Apples to Apples! I am SO thankful for the time we got to spend with everyone, as you really never know if or when you will see them again. Odd note: Some guy named Rico called and after listening to my voicemail still decided to leave a message telling me to call him...I am just not too sure I really know a guy named Rico, although maybe I'm living a double life and don't know it yet.

One thing that hit me this weekend is how a lot of times we really don't appreciate what we have. Two people have mentioned to me recently either in conversation or through a joke how being married wasn't a big accomplishment in their minds. Now both of these people love their spouses and I know that the comments were not meant to make me feel bad, but I as a single person who has indeed struggled with bouts of loneliness was taken aback. One of my deepest desires is to be married and to find the person I get to enjoy life with. I struggle with that desire A LOT (to be transparent) and to think someone could feel like it isn't such a big deal is hard for me to grasp. Then again, I think that my sister who has two children that she loves dearly and would not change for the world...might at times envy the freedoms I have and some of the opportunities I have been given, due to my not being tied down. It is just a thing I have been thinking about. I am trying to be a.) More thankful for where God has me at this point and b.) More understanding that what you think you want, may not be what is right for you at that time.
Also wanted to let you know that one of my first goals for "The Golden Year", is to find an opportunity to volunteer in some way shape or form...the research begins today and I will keep you posted when I find something that fits. May God bless your day!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Saturday will be the funeral of my great- grandmother. She passed away rather unexpectedly two Mondays ago at the age of 95. Now, most people never really know their great grandmas and I am SO thankful that I am not part of the majority in this case. She was SO much to me. I have so many memories from my times with her. She would always tell me that I needed to marry rich to make sure I was well taken care of. She would call me and sing Happy Birthday...the WHOLE song, every year on my birthday. She lived in a trailer in Idaho until about 10 years ago. Every time we would go to visit her she would take us down to the senior center so she could brag about her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She moved in with us when I was in 9th grade and lived here for quite a few years. I will never forget the day I came home from school to find her in the bathtub. She had fallen in the morning and had been in there ALL day by herself cold and unable to get back up again. After I got her our of the bathtub she still found away to use humor in a very scary situation. I remember how she loved to go for car trips. We would drive until wee hours of the morning and Grandma would stay awake the whole time to make sure the driver was alert. She loved vanilla ice cream, she ate it EVERY night. She was one of the best seamstress' out there. She ALWAYS said I love you. She was such an amazing part of my life.
When we had to send her up to Alaska to live with my grandma (her daughter), I never imagined that it would be the last time I would see her. She was such a rock in my life and it is SO weird now that she is gone. There are way too many memories for me to put them all down here but I know that I will never allow myself to forget them. She was born the year the Titanic sank and she lived a very long and mostly happy life. She survived some very tough times and she always kept her humor. I will never forget how she would always say while driving past a graveyard..."People are just dying to get in there!!" Or how as she got older and her memory started to fade it became "the people are all dead in there." I will always think of her when I see McDonalds or a Diet Pepsi. I will remember how much she loved The Price is right. I will never forget the night when she was about 92, that my sister,myself and my niece watched Roman Holiday with her. She kicked her feet up on the couch and ate her popcorn and M&M's...I am so thankful to have known her and I will never forget the times we had.
I pray that my life will be as full as the one she lived. She impacted many lives and she was such a blessing to SO many. I pray that as I age, I will still have the sense of humor to make it through the tough times and the simpleness to enjoy the good times. May I always have a little piece of her to remind me there is so much to be thankful for and to always say I love you to those around me!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh life!!!!

First of all I have to say that it is FREEZING!! Saturday was so beautiful and then out of nowhere the snow started falling and the wind picked up to about 50mph. Got to love Minnesota.
So, today was the first day back to work now that I am a whole year older. I would say it went pretty well. There has been A LOT of stress at work lately and I feel like we are slowly working our way through some things. I love my co-workers and I love what I do (for now). That being said I have found these last few months to be pretty hard. They have brought out some sides of me, both good and bad, that I didn't know existed. There are a few new opportunities on the horizon and I am really praying and trusting that God will show me the correct path to choose. He has been SO faithful!
One thing one of my co-workers said the other day that I think I need to focus on right now is that there are too many things to be happy about in life, so don't focus on the bad all the time. I totally butchered that one but really it is true. Granted there are a lot of hurts and sadness in the world and I don't want to live in this little "Pleasantville" bubble. But, I think it is important to stop and smell the roses and thank God. Sorry, I just had to get that old-lady phrase in there. So, that being said...Here are a few things I am thankful for:
*Moments of peace and quiet
*Coffee in the morning
* That I have never known a day w/o being loved
*A dog that brightens my day...everyday!
* The abilities that he has given me to grow and learn and laugh
* The plans he has for me whatever they might be
*The patience he has given me to see what those plans are
* I am thankful for the struggles too, the fact that through them all...He teaches me.
Oh, there is SO much more. I pray that in some way will find a reason to laugh and a reason to give thanks.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day one...well day two actually!

Well, yesterday was the day...or at least it was the start. I am now officially 25 and I am going to start it off on the right foot. At least I hope I am. I have been pondering life A LOT lately and I have decided that these last few years have been a pretty lame attempt at living. Now don't get me wrong, I am not down on myself and I do not think these last few years have been a complete waste nor do I claim not to have enjoyed them. God has been SO good to me and I am thankful for EVERY day that he has blessed me with.
Now, to preface things I would just like to warn all readers that at times during this blog I will:
A.) Sound like I have in fact been older than 25 for about 60 years. I tend to use phrases like "Good Grief" and "Holy Hannah". I may say things like "It's a horse a piece" or "It's neither here nor there". I just want to put that out there ASAP to clear up any confusion. Please feel free to ask if you are confused with the terminology.
B.) I think I am pretty funny. I am not one to brag, but I was indeed the funniest girl in the 7th grade at Hidden Oaks Middle School. I may try to portray my humor and I will give it my best shot but sometimes I am bad at translating from real life on to paper (or computer screen in this case)
C.) Even though English was always one of my stronger subjects, I will not pretend to still be at the level I once was. I will use run-on sentences and a few too many !!! and ... in my typing. I apologize right now if this gets on your nerves!!!
D.) I will not go into this year pretending to think that I am somehow after 25 years going to mold myself into the perfect person. I am only attempting to live my life more intentionally and to let you come along for the ride if you so choose.
At this point this entry is rather long and I am going to sign off for tonight. I can't wait to see where God takes me this year!