Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh life!!!!

First of all I have to say that it is FREEZING!! Saturday was so beautiful and then out of nowhere the snow started falling and the wind picked up to about 50mph. Got to love Minnesota.
So, today was the first day back to work now that I am a whole year older. I would say it went pretty well. There has been A LOT of stress at work lately and I feel like we are slowly working our way through some things. I love my co-workers and I love what I do (for now). That being said I have found these last few months to be pretty hard. They have brought out some sides of me, both good and bad, that I didn't know existed. There are a few new opportunities on the horizon and I am really praying and trusting that God will show me the correct path to choose. He has been SO faithful!
One thing one of my co-workers said the other day that I think I need to focus on right now is that there are too many things to be happy about in life, so don't focus on the bad all the time. I totally butchered that one but really it is true. Granted there are a lot of hurts and sadness in the world and I don't want to live in this little "Pleasantville" bubble. But, I think it is important to stop and smell the roses and thank God. Sorry, I just had to get that old-lady phrase in there. So, that being said...Here are a few things I am thankful for:
*Moments of peace and quiet
*Coffee in the morning
* That I have never known a day w/o being loved
*A dog that brightens my day...everyday!
* The abilities that he has given me to grow and learn and laugh
* The plans he has for me whatever they might be
*The patience he has given me to see what those plans are
* I am thankful for the struggles too, the fact that through them all...He teaches me.
Oh, there is SO much more. I pray that in some way will find a reason to laugh and a reason to give thanks.

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