Friday, November 14, 2008

Next steps

Well, here it is. These last few months have been a little stressful. Work became unbearable for awhile. I started applying a few months ago just because there was an offer I couldn't pass up at the company my sister worked for. After a month long interviewing process they told me I was their candidate of choice....but they couldn't hire me because of budget cuts. Needless to say, I bawled a lot about this one and decided that it was time to look elsewhere. It is a hard thing to adjust to when you picture yourself somewhere and can feel yourself there and then to have it taken away before you really got to touch it.
After applying to quite a few places I received an offer to work down in Shakopee at St Francis. It was a little bit more money, a few less hours and quite a bit less of a workload. It would have been in-patient which would have been fun and I was pretty sure I was going to take it.....until the U called.
I worked over at the U for a month when I was floating last year for Fairview. It was a blast. Actually it was a lot like Riverside, with more co-workers and a different type of customer base. When I went into my interview I was pretty sure I was going to tell them that I didn't want to work there.....until I saw some of the people that I knew from new co-workers...and remembered how much fun everyone is. I turned down the job at St Francis and am SO thankful that I did. I do feel like this is where God wants me right now and I am SO excited to see what it carries with it. My start date is December 15th. I'm sure there will be numerous posts acknowledging some of the things I see there (complying with HIPPA of course!) and I am sure there will be some hard times but I am also feeling at peace with the decision and excited for this next step.


Words/Wonder said...

Hooray for peace. We should talk soon. I miss you, Abbers!

Mamaskills said...

I look forward to hearing about it as we plod along on the machines...