Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, for some reason my computer won't let me download a picture right this will be- A blog without pictures...written by:Abbie Allen. Sorry it may be a little boring but I'll try to be colorful with my descriptions.
Yesterday we went to the Macy's 8th floor display downtown. Now after careful calculating it was decided that this was our 22rd year coming down to the display. We only have skipped one year since moving to MN. We go early on in the Christmas season now (some would even argue that it is before the Christmas season has begun), so we beat the crowds. It was fun going and watching Isabelle and Elise enjoy it as much as I remember enjoying it in years past.
There have been quite a few challenges and distractions lately that have been trying to harbor my desire to serve God wholeheartedly and to make a difference. I am weathering through and learning a lot about myself and my family. Some good things...some really challenging things. There have been a few points during these last few weeks that I have contemplated moving to Texas and giving up on trying....but that would be how Abbie pre-25 would have handled things! I think I'll try sticking it out and see what happens.
So on that note I thought it would be good today to remind myself of some more of the blessings that God has provided me recently. Here goes:
* Gas that costs $1.70 per gallon.....It only cost me $28 to fill up a tank that was pushing $60 earlier this summer
* A dad that helps me change both headlights and a fog light as they were all three burned out while I cruised around town.
* My car being invisible so the cops didn't pull me over when I was driving w/o 2 headlights and a fog light
* Friends from work who let me know that they will miss me and that I am important in their lives
* Best friends that ponder all of the single guys they know...trying to find one "worthy" of me (their words not mine) to set me up with. Now, understand that I am not looking to be set up...but if they think they know someone, I will not stand in their way:)
* Friends that let me come over in the winter to try and whip my butt into shape on their elliptical machine
* People who listen to me and share in my sadness,joy,anger,happiness and excitement...all during the course of the same day!
* People who share their sadness,joy,anger,happiness and excitement with me!
* The knowledge that come Feb. 1st I will be cruising along the Caribbean and not worrying about any of it for 5 days!

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Mamaskills said...

Glad I can make in on your list....I'm even ready for you tonight :)