Sunday, May 30, 2010

A SUPER month!

Alright, so it's been awhile since I posted anything of substance. Here's an update on my life, as I know it, right now. Two weeks ago, the pediatric floors in the hospital and our outpatient clinics decided to do superhero day. They let us in the pharmacy know, with the hopes that we would dress up. My coworker Sarah and I took it to a whole new level. First off, we decided it was important to think of a name. One morning, Sarah mentioned to me that we should be the "Super Tech Duo". I of course, being as naive as I am said, "YEAH, we can abbreviate it to S-T...Oh wait, maybe that isn't such a good name." Well, being that we have no shame, we went with it. We also decided to be Superheros on a budget. As you can tell from our outfits, that was a definite success. I made the shirts, Sarah made the masks and thanks to the invention of the towel cape, we were good to go! It was a great day and little did we know, there was a contest for best costume. The judges came down and took our picture and an hour or so later we were the winners for the WHOLE hospital. We got a gift card! Then, this week we received a call announcing that a poster had been made with our picture on it. It will be displayed on the peds floor, with the unveiling happening this week. Needless to say, I'm kind of a big deal now. People know me!
Also there has been another big change in my life recently. I have decided to take over the second shift responsibilities at work. I will be permanently in the discharge pharmacy from 2-10 and also will be in charge of inventory for the pharmacy. I take over in July. This is something I am not sure how I feel about it quite yet. We all know I like my sleep and this will DEFINITELY mess with that schedule. It is a pay increase though and somewhat of a promotion. Also, it opens up the possibility for me to approach school with a little bit more of an option. I will have one day shift (Tuesdays) and will never have to work weekends. I have been convicted about my financial situation lately and think this may provide me a better opportunity to get the debt I do have paid off as well as to get some money into savings. I need to be a better steward and want to get a kick start in that area. We'll keep you posted.


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