Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's been awhile...

This picture is for Conni Jean! I know how much you miss the snow sometimes, and to be honest I completely understand why. Even after my evening commute took me 2.5 hours on Monday night. I LOVE SNOW! I think if I am ever to move away, I will have to visit home during the winter, just to enjoy the beauty and fun of snow.
So, it is finally here. My last week at Riverside and I couldn't be more ready. I will miss my co-workers and some of my customers. Saying goodbye is never easy for anyone but I feel that I tend to become attached to a lot of people and saying goodbye is about as hard for me to do as giving up baseball would be (please note the word about in this sentence).
Things spiritually have been a little hard lately. As many of you know, I have been attending a small church for the last 2 years now. My brother and Anna got me started, as they lead the worship and were looking for help. I have SO enjoyed worshiping with them and watching the church as more and more people are coming. The church truly has a special purpose. My trouble has been, that I am not connecting. The people are very nice and I do enjoy seeing them weekly, but I have not found any relationships that I really "click" in. This is hard for me because clicking with people has never been a problem for me. I tend to get along with pretty much everyone and find lasting friendships wherever I go. It is just hard to not fit in and I am not sure how to make that happen...believe me, I've tried. So, with all of that being said...I am pretty sure that within the next few months I will be trying to find a new church. I have been praying about it and will continue to do so but this is where I am at right now.
I have to go now as Jada is literally attacking me and driving me CRAZY. She is over 2 now and still acts like such a puppy....and to think, I am thinking of getting another one! HAHA, we'll see. God bless your day!

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