Thursday, December 11, 2008

Free Dog!!

Looking for a cute puppy for Christmas? Worried about the potty training? Looking for a breed that will be good with kids? Well I may have the answer for you. I have a 2 year old Puggle that needs a new home. She's potty trained, GREAT with kids and is pretty much the cutest dog ever seen (as evidanced by the picture at left.
In all honesty, Jada is not up for least not today:) Sometimes though I question when she will ever grow out of her puppy stage. I remember when I first went to the pet store, before Jada arrived from Oklahoma. I told some people there that I was getting a puppy, and when they asked "what kind?", I excitedly replied "A PUGGLE!!!" (for those of you who don't know, a puggle is a cross between a pug and a beagle...there is absolutely no poodle involved). The responses usually were something to the sort of "good luck" or "best wishes". I thought people were just being nice. That was, until Jada arrived.
As stated above, she is adorable. She is SO great with kids which is a nice break from the Cocker Spaniels we had growing up. The problem is...she is hyper. Imagine if you will, a 5 year old, Halloween night at about 9pm...hyped up on sugar. This is Jada on your average day. Since getting her she has, broken 2 retractable leashes and a heavy duty re enforced metal chain. She has actually jumped out of a moving vehicle while driving down a very busy highway. She has gotten loose(see broken leash example above) on 2 softball fields (while games are being played) and in one case it took 3 full teams to catch her. She has chewed up at least 10 pairs of shoes, lost numerous mittens and as of this week my dad's prescription bifocals (why a 48 year old wears bifocals is beyond me).
The thing is, as I am sure at this point most of you are asking why I still have this dog, I love her. There is nothing like coming home after a busy day and having her greet me at the door. She has been waiting for that moment all day. She gets up with me every morning and waits ever so patiently for me to leave for work, so she can go back to bed. She sits on my lap and lets me know that there is no other person in the world that she loves as much as me. Now, I will say it. I am a dog person. I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember and my life feels somewhat incomplete without one in my life. This dog though, has been the absolute best...and hardest pet I have ever had.
Friday was my last day at Riverside. Saying goodbye to my coworkers was harder than I anticipated. There were some tears and one of my friends, who I expected to be the last to cry... had to be consoled in the hall. I know there will be things I miss. Saying goodbye is so not easy for me. I am excited to start my new job on Monday and know I will create new relationships there, I will just miss all of our inside jokes. I will miss so many things. And tomorrow I think I shall write a blog about a few of them. For now, it is off to bed.

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