Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thought you might laugh...

So, the other day I was bored and thought it might be fun to read through some of my old diaries. The following excerpts come from the very first diary I ever had. It is a hard bound book with a lock that was given to me by my first grade best friend. Here goes:

Friday 11/1/91: Today I went to my nabrs house. We had Rost beef, Putatose, rolls and carets. It was good. then we had Apply pie. it was good too. I like my nabrs house. Sined, Abigail Allen

Sunday 5/31/92: Today I went to the park to play ball (softball).

Saturday 10/31/92: Dear Diriy there is a cute boy in my class named _____. Pleas don't tell. by,Abigail

4/31/94: Dear Becky (I started writing to my best friend), I had a good easter but I got spanked because my room was messy. Abbie

There were quite a few other excerpts. All as life altering as the ones above. Man, to be a kid again! I especially remember the last one as getting in trouble on Easter seems as unfair to me as taking away a summer vacation.
Also a side note, I cried for the first time at my "new job" today! Guess it is not a "new job" anymore!


Amanda Corin said...

This was so funny, thank you! And OH NO! What did your co-workers do? I am sure you warned them about the crying.

absofsteel26 said...

Oh there was warning. Months of warning and then it finally happened. Of course the reason for the tears was a mad customer who took it out on me. My pharmacist stepped in to the rescue and told me if I ever feel the tears coming on again to come to him and he would take care of it!!

Words/Wonder said...

I can't believe you bleeped out your crush's name! It was 20 years ago! Too funny, Abs.

absofsteel26 said...

Oh, you can believe I bleeped it out. It's me for crying out loud. I'm Abbie and I'm afraid to admit I had a crush on a boy 20 years ago!

Aussiegirl said...

Abbie, I LOVED this post! It gave me a giggle.

Sorry to hear about work!

Yea for blogs! :o)