Saturday, July 4, 2009


Dear reader-
I had the pleasure of taking the day off yesterday and since I volunteered to work today (who wouldn't? Can we say time and a half?) I had to make sure I capitalized on the full day off, I do what I want opportunity. After a busy day of shopping and lunch with my favorite chef, I headed to happy hour with some friends and then I was off to the Twins game. My friend and I had planned for a couple of weeks to go to last night's game and when I realized that my favorite pitcher would be on the mound I grew excited at being able to wear the shirt that bore his name.
Now reader, there were a few things I learned at that game last night and they are as follows. I will never, never, EVER...wear my Slowey shirt to a game again. I am not huge into superstitions but find it odd that the day I bought that shirt, last year, was the very day that the original injury occurred (or so it seems). I just can't risk it!
The next thing I learned is that people are a little weird at times. I was sitting there, enjoying my delicious twist helmet sundae, when out of nowhere I hear a mom say to her daughter behind me, " Oh Mercedes...please pass me the backpack I need some chapstick". I said to myself, "Self, why would anyone name their child Mercedes?" and almost before the full thought had crossed my mind I hear the same mom say, " Porshe! What are you doing?". I am guessing these parents are into cars...and fancy ones at that. I decided that if I follow this equation my children's names will be Evian, Pelligrino and Fiji as I am sort of a water snob. As I am processing this I feel something hit the back of my neck. I turn to see what it was and see a cute little girl who is eating peanuts. Her mom apologizes for her little imported car's ways and offers to take the peanut shells out of my hair that have accidentally nested.
Now if you watched, listened to or checked on the game you will know it was a real nail biter. You know that it was six to 1 at the end of the third and that our starter was taken out after that. You know that in the sixth inning all of that changed. After some great help from our bullpen and a few great hits we were all tied up until the 16th inning. There was a lot of clapping and cheering at the dome last night and here is where my next learning experience came in. Somewhere in the sixth inning I looked over and saw my cute little friend Phusarn cringing. I noticed that the more I clapped...the more she cringed. I gave her a look of question, like "Have you suddenly become a Tigers fan?". She looked at me and very sweetly said "GIRL, you are a REALLY loud clapper!". Now understand, this is not the first time I have been told I was a loud clapper. My Grandma once told me the same thing about 10 years ago at a softball game. I had forgotten about that though and Phusarn's announcement cause quite a stir of emotions for me. There was questioning, fear and a little bit of embarrassment on my side of things. That was until I heard a little girl in front of me (most likely named Rolex) tell her older sister that she was indeed...a loud clapper! Now my friends, I will wear the title with pride!
We ended up losing the game but not without a great fight by our boys. I cried when Lee Greenwood's God bless the USA came on and I laughed when the kiss cam zoomed in on two people who didn't know each other. Can't wait for outdoor baseball! I hope you are all enjoying your 4th of July! Babble at you later-Abbie

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